Built to Suit or Construction Tailored is the development of a real estate asset that meets pre-established by the client. The asset must be constructed to meet the specific needs, such as location, Land area, building area of the property, architecture, layout, infrastructure and specific aspects for use. This type of modality offers several advantages for both parties:

In an operation like Built to Suit, the renting company will be a partner and hold a work together to design a custom installation.

As the main objective in this type of contract has the concept of avoiding detention of capital, enabling the renting company to not have financial expense during construction, since the rents will be paid only after the delivery of the keys of the property.

As a result, the renting company can direct their capital for other purposes, avoiding the financial demobilization, while improving its balance sheet.

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  • Possibility of resource allocation in the core business.
  • Tax benefits generated by the calculation of expenditure for payment of rent.
  • Adequacy of the building to its needs.
  • Exemption from liability of the property asset management.
  • Diversification of sources of capital funding to a more affordable cost.